Painting In Charlotte- Frozen Paint

A collection of cans of paint and other relate...Can paint that's been frozen or sitting for awhile still be used?

  Well that depends on the coating. You will need to open the container and take a look at the paint. If it is frozen open the can up and let it come up to room temp (about 70 degrees), open up the can and stir it. If the paint looks like a fresh can of paint go ahead and use it, but make sire you strain it with some pantyhose or a screen. You must do this because it may have lumps,thickening or solid pieces that can't be broke up. In general it is best to try and safeguard your latex-paint from freezing in the first place.

  So in the short yes you can use old paint or frozen paint if it looks like fresh paint after you stir it and get the lumps out. This question was asked by one of our readers, hope this helps.

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